fashion designing schools in nigeria

Fashion Designing Schools in Nigeria

Fashion design is the specialty of applying outline, style and normal excellence to clothing and its accessories. It is impacted by cultural and social attitudes, and has changed after some time and place. Fashion creators work in various routes in designing clothing and accessories such as bracelets and necklaces.

fashion designing schools in nigeria

In Nigeria today there are so many fashion designers all over different cities, however let’s see the one that could be best to someone of our needs.


On this task, you are to list just 2 fashion designing in your location, including your location name and the designing quality of the school. This is one of the easiest task.

EX: Untv fashion ltd located in ikeja lagos state, i considered them very best around ikeja. Location is allen ikeja lagos.

That all and you get the earning of the task without stress. Do this using the comment box located below.

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