PSero one of the largest and most known computer dealer in Nigeria. We hope to grow bigger and better to cover all over Africa and this goal is to grow with who ever wish to invest in computer business with us. We have two types of partnership currently and they are the best to invest in right now. As you already know, technology is growing speedily in the world and Nigeria isn’t an exception to it. With over 65 new customers daily we can’t handle this all alone therefore we need investors to with same aim to serve Nigerians and Africans better. Our aim is to grow and well known in every city of Nigeria, we need location expansion and more goods availability. Investing with us will be the beginning of a happy life with you with full rest of mind.

  1. Cash Investment: Investing with us and getting profit of your investment monthly basis. We uses investors cash in building expansion and purchase of goods. We have cash investment from N500k – N5m
  2. Goods partnership. Bring us your goods, we sell and get and get you the cash without delay. Importers Partnership is very okay for importers and production company who need faster sales for reasonable amount. We distribute them fast and get you your cash.

Discuss partnership deal with us by contacting us on or call us on 08105975788