See How You Can Make Over 200k Monthly Online in Nigeria On Psero

Thanks for your interest in Joining Psero Affiliate Program

Welcome to affiliate platform group. We are bringing to you affiliate in more easy way. I’m Serome.

Please take your time to read this to the end for better understanding of what PSERO is all about and how you can make over 200k monthly online.

Before I start let me introduce psero.

PSERO is a platform powered by Shopinverse Computers the largest UK used computer warehouse in Nigeria brought to you by Serome founder of informationhood

On psero you can make 200k legitimately online in Nigeria by completing tasks and leading sales. The main focus is leading sales. pay users from 27th to 30th of every month and referral will not stop you from getting paid. The minimum payout is 1000 naira, it’s not a must to refer someone but you make more money when you refer people. You can request for your payment even before payment time when you reach N50,000 naira

We have physical office/warehouse @ warehouse 09 Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Bolade Oshodi Lagos State.

We focused on UK Used laptops sales. With program you can make sales of a laptop and get as much as 10k per sale.

If you referred your friend to the platform, you make N500 naira upon their registration and when ever they make sales you will earn 1000 naira.

Making sales has been made easy as we have now implemented a means where you can direct your customer to our warehouse and as soon as they purchase an item your PSERO account will be credited with your commission immediately.

In order to build customers trust we have also implemented pay on delivery to customers if they prefer to see the item before paying for it. We are doing this to enable partners to make more sales.

we will also guide you how you can lead minimum of 10 sales weekly, that will be giving free to registered members only.

Location doesn’t matter on, when you join psero you become a direct partner of the company, therefore we will give you our products images to market online and offline.

We can handle sales on your behalf (all you have to do is direct your customer to our warehouse, you will need to call the office number and give us your username and customer details) and as soon as your customer make a purchase of an item you will be credited with your commission which is minimum N5,000, sometimes could be 10k, 20k or more depends on the price of the product, however amount which you will make from a product will be stated on the product post before marketing.

Our laptops are extremely cheap so making sales always is guaranteed.

This is an opportunity that many people are looking for. Beside we will give you platforms where you can sell fast and how to market better market better.

If you are serious with business, you can start you own computer business within 6months and the price we will sell to you as a partner is 20% discount on any product you are buying to resell.

You don’t need to stress yourself or look for products to market, we will post cheap items on the website time after time. You can do it with your smart phone or computer with data.

Why wasting the time to make money for chatting? You have a phone and data, why do you still complain of money?

This doesn’t affect your current job and it’s good for students as well. You will be able to make over 80k weekly if you are serious.

To partnership with us, there is a monthly subscription fee of N1000. This fee is time base but you will be glad making over 200k monthly with just monthly fee of 1k.

There is no way a serious person will partnership with us and not make up to 20 sales a month after giving you the tips to.

If you are not serious to make money don’t join us please. For those that are ready to make money with psero, here is another good news. You can as well boost your earning by just completing some of our advertisers simple tasks.

For those who maybe thinking otherwise, please i’m stressing it again. We have physical office and you are welcome to visit us. you can visit us Monday’s to Saturday’s time 10am – 5pm.

Address Warehouse 09 Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Bolade Bus Stop Oshodi Lagos state. 08059844173

The 1k is not our gain however it will be used for the site maintenances and as well boost the earning of referrals. Our goal is getting more sales and as well help you to make money.



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