Quick Tips on how to take good care of your laptop

Taking care of your laptop should be one of your top priorities. A well maintained laptop will definitely sustain the test of time. If you don’t maintain your laptop very well, you might not be able to enjoy such laptop. Take good care of your laptop as if you’re taking care of your body system.

A follower dropped a message in my inbox sometime ago on how to take good care of laptop. Although i fail to reply on time because I was really engaged at that time. But i decided to treat the topic now for other followers and visitors to see how they can take good care of their laptops through quick tips that am going to highlight.

Quick Tips for taking good care of your laptop

Allow your laptop to rest for a while

1. A friend of mine was telling me sometime ago that he usually makes use of his laptop 24/7 but the laptop crashed within one year. Imagine, 24/7 usage without a break. The more we make use of our laptop, the more it looses value.

Therefore, it is advisable to allow your laptop to rest for a while and avoid 24/7 usage.

2. Make sure the airflow is unobstructed.

The way you’re keeping your laptop cool is essential for the battery, it’s likewise, if not more essential to the rest of the laptop parts. The simplest method to keep it cool is to ensure that the airflow is not hinderd or disturbed. Off your laptop,  make sure the air vent is open. Make sure the temperature of your laptop is consistent.

3. Update your laptop at all times.

If i may ask,  is your software outdated? Or let me turn the question the other way round, Is your software not up to date?

If you know that your laptop is not updated, you’re putting such laptop at a greater risk. Updating your laptop is more or less like securing your laptop from likely virus.

Sometimes update reminders usually appear on your screen for a particular software. You can click on the disable button if the update is causing confusion or nuisance in your system.

4. Make provisions for backup plans.

The major step in recovery step of a device is to ensure a back up plan, in order to secure your files and documents. Making use of an external drive is the simplest way for back up. Quickly embark on the copy process,  once you attached an external.

5. Free up your hard drive

In order to take good care of your laptop, make sure your hard drive is free. Deleting irrelevant and unnecessary file or programs will be very easy because your back up is already in place.

Some people are fond of keeping unused programs for months. This can harm your system. Try to uninstall such program.

6.  Your antivirus must  be updated

The funniest thing is that some people don’t have antivirus in their laptop. Some people have the antivirus but, it is outdated and not effective again. Such people forget to realize the importance of anti virus.

If you know you truly want to take good care of your laptop, make sure you always update the antivirus and if you don’t have,  try and download one.

Permit me to ask the following questions.

1. Is your scan engine updated?

2. Is your scan file/document up to date?

3. Is your Antivirus able to identify new threats?

4. Can your antivirus fish out flaws in operating system?

Make sure you provide answers to the above questions. Your laptop’s safety is in your hands.

7. Choose the right and suitable bag

I know you want to carry your laptop on a journey with you. I know you want to carry your laptop to school,  office, shops,  business centres, church and other locations that you desire. The only way to keep it safe is by choosing the right and suitable bag that will protect your laptop.

You can choose the backpack or a tote or a messenger bag for your laptop. It all depends on your choice. All i know is that,  try and choose a befiting quality bag that will sustain you for a long period of time.

It is advisable to take good care of your laptop in order to avoid damages that might cost you thousands of naira.

Finally permit me to drop a quick notice here. The notice will definitely benefit you and i.

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