How to keep your laptop secure while traveling

Keeping your laptop secured while traveling is the best decision ever. I must congraluate you for embarking on such action. I’m a living testimony. From personal experience, i can’t do without my laptop. My laptop usually motivates me anytime i’m on a journey. Sometimes i do ask myself these questions.

1. Is it because i’m a frequent traveler?

2. Is it because my laptop allows me to chat with my family and co-workers?

3. Is it because i do my content writing job on the laptop

4. Is it because it gives me the chance of saving my traveling pictures.

The truth is that my laptop is just like my home that keeps me fit always. The day I lost all the files on my laptop as a result of my inability to secure while traveling, I felt like a lost sheep on that faithful day. I was depressed, thinking on how to recover all my lost files. The most painful part is that I did not back up all my files. It took me some time before i bounce back. What an horrible story.

Let me share with you some of my bad habits that made me lost all my files

1. My friends are aware of my laptop password.

2. I failed to backup all my files

3. I normally lend my laptop to friends and loved ones

4. No password on the laptop.

5. I put my laptop on automatic login.

All these bad habits contributed to my lost files. I don’t want you to make the same mistake that i still regret till date.

After carrying out series of research and navigating through online posts on laptop security. Then, i found out that laptop security is essential and should not be overlooked.

I have decided to share some tips on how to keep your laptop secured while traveling.

How to keep your laptop secure while traveling.

1. Buy a VPN. 

It is very important to buy a VPN if you know that you truly want to keep your laptop secure while traveling. While traveling, you might find yourself in a public transport and probably want to make use of network in the public. If you’re not careful, your data might be hijacked by hackers. You don’t know who is watching you while traveling and you don’t know the calibre of people sitting around you. VPN will definitely secure your network and make you browse like a king.

Permit me to ask another question again. Are you trying to penetrate blocked services? If you find yourself in this category. Relax your mind. With VPN,  you can penetrate those services easily.

2. Create backups. 

As i have mentioned earlier, I made a very big mistake in the past for not creating backups for my lost files. So I want to challenge you now, have you created backup plan for your files on your laptop? If you have done that, I congratulate you,  if you have not created backups, then you’re definitely putting yourself at big risk. I don’t want any of my readers and followers to pass through  the horrible incidence i encountered.

3. Password protection software is advisable.

Don’t joke with password protection software. Nobody born of woman can detect my current password. It is because of what i passed through in the past. Make sure that your laptop password is very strong and highly secured. Make use of the following tips while entering your laptop password.

1. While entering your password, avoid friends that are close to you.

2. Never disclose your laptop password to friends or loved ones.

3. Never enter your password in the public. But for unforseen contingencies while traveling, be very careful in the public.

4. Make sure your password is unique and unpredictable.

5. Avoid using short password such as 4 letter words or 5 letter words.

6. Insert a combination of letters in your password.

Make use of the above tips, then your laptop is fully secured.

4 . Is your FileVault full disk encryption on?

Make sure you turn your filevault full disk encryption on. This is very essential. Outsiders will not be able to access your laptop when trying to login or when your device is forcefully taken from you.

5. On startup, Try to  disable automatic login.

This is very essential. Incase your laptop is on automatic login on startup, you’re not safe. Your laptop is not safe, likewise all your files are not safe. Make sure you provide a password that won’t allow outsiders to access your laptop unless you give them the privilege. In the process of entering your password and lending it out,  be very careful.

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