How to download laptop apps that is free from virus

All appreciation goes to fast broadband, it is now possible to download and install software that is free from virus directly from online – no need to patronize any shop in order to buy a DVD in a box.

But the truth is that some stores are reliable and safe. It only depends on the store you’re patronizing.The truth is that,  it is advisable to be careful in the process of downloading some of these softwares and apps you bought from an ingenuine online store, so as not to end up buying virus-attack apps.

To make the buying process very easy for you,  we have compile the list of steps on how to download apps that is free from virus.

Before we dwell into the steps,  note that there are myriad of software marketplaces, you may not necessarily want to make use of app stores package by the big technology outlets (Apple’s App Store for iPhones, iPads and Macs, Google Play for Android phones and tablets and the Microsoft Store for Windows computers).

These get paid for offering software, either by marketing companies or by software outlets themselves. Many provide demo or free versions of software, so you can try before you place an order. 

But it isn’t always on a straight lane that is: along with the program you desire, other software could  download in the background unknowingly. This is regarded as bloatware, foistware and adware and includes toolbars for search engine, media players and web browsers. Some of these software will sneakly appear without requesting for download.  

The truth is that developers usually make money from these Potentially Unwanted Programs, or PUPs. The truth is that they consume space and hinders your privacy if care is not taken.  Some of these sneaky softwares can be easily prone to virus.  This is what lead to the bone of contention.

How to download laptop apps that is free from virus.

Make use of reputable sites

Safe downloading begin with searching reputable sites. When visiting online for a program, third-party download sites usually come up in search results. These can be safe to use, but many are full with misleading sentence such as ‘download now’ buttons that might mislead you from downloading another programs.  

Even with notable sites, such as Cnet’s, you must be very careful to press the correct download button to make sure you get only the software you desire. Downloading direct from the original publisher’s site can reduce the risk of bloatware, but even big brands are guilty of installing extra software. For instance , if you visit Adobe’s page to install its Flash player – still required for many websites – it also demand if you want to install extra McAfee security software. 

Safer downloading on Windows

Fact findings reveal that the simplest way to install software on your PC is through the Microsoft Store. 

This give access to thousands of applications (apps) that have been approve by Microsoft and follow to strict guidelines. They are virus-free and meet necessary prerequisite for decency, profanity and quality. 

You can either visit the website or launch the Microsoft Store app on your system by clicking the Windows key and typing Store and then hold on Microsoft Store in the menu.

Safer downloading on a Mac 

Apple defaults to only allowing you install software from its App Store as a safety measures. If you are ready to install software from third-party sites, you can adjust that setting by trying to tap on Apple > System Preferences… and try to tap the Security & Privacy icon in the System Preferences window. 

Tap the General tab, and you can select to Allow apps to be downloaded from: either the App Store or the App Store and recognized Developers. The safest setting is to streamline downloads to the App Store, but the latter setting is also on the safer side, limiting downloads to Apple accredited developers.

Safer downloading on tablets and smartphones 

Tablets and smartphones are less resistance to bloatware or apps to an extent, that install without your approval, in as much as you stay glue to the official Google Play store for Android tablets and smartphones.

Much like the real stores discover on system , these give a secure, suitable environment of apps to download and use. 

To get what you want from an app store, try to pay attention to analysis, ratings and unique conditions such as in-app purchases. 

Alternative app stores

It is possible to download apps through online stores, on Android tablets and smartphones, through online stores. There is a system or methods that allow software to be installed with iPad and iPhone.

Many alternative Android stores give access to specializeds softwares, but these do capture the risk of also installing malware – and you can’t be one hundred percent certain of the reputation of the store or the app you’re downloading.

 To cap it all, it is advisable to avoid such stores, since you’re satisfy and well please with Google Play Store.

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