Top 7 acts that is reducing your laptop battery life and how to fix it

With my years of experience in tech world,  have heard series of issues relating to laptop battery life. For instance, my laptop is draining faster,  what can I do? How can I make my laptop battery last longer? My laptop battery does not last up to one hour, what is the way forward? These and many more,  are part of what have experience in the past. I belief there are still people that still experience similar situations today.

If the same problem about your laptop battery  has brought you here, then you’re definitely on the right track because we are going to address the issue here. Your brand of laptop does not matter, What matter most is to discover what is draining your laptop battery life and how to fix it.

To fix the problem, there is an iota of need to highlight the problem first.

1. Is your laptop battery old?

Although one of the popular reasons for laptop battery problem is when it is old. Once your laptop battery is old,  it automatically become weak, the chances of lasting longer will be zero.

2. Are there many many processes running in the background?

3. Are you the type that run heavy application such as gaming?

4. Is there any change in the system settings?

5. Is your laptop running on high brightness or other advanced options?

6. Are there too many online and network connections?

7. Is the firmware installed corrupted?

Having identify the monster acts that is draining your laptop battery life. It is important to discuss how to fix it. No wonder a popular adage once reveal that every problem have solution.

How to fix the problem

1. Make sure you monitor the screen brightness

It will be of great benefit to always reduce the brightness of your laptop screen. You won’t belief that when the brightness high,  it feed on your battery, thereby reducing the life span gradually. You can check the taskbar shortcuts for your laptop brightness setting.

2. Disable your Keyboard’s Backlight

In some high upgraded laptops, we also discover the feature of keyboard light. While it can enhance your typing experience , it can also reduce the laptop battery life. Make use of Function+F5Key if you’re using HP product to reduce the brightness.

3. Try to Adjust the Power Settings on your Laptop

Any latest change in the Power settings of your system can drain your battery. Just make use of the Settings, try to work on the settings for sleep. It is very important.

4. Adjust the Network Connections

Is there many networks or peripheral devices attached to your laptop?  then it can affect your laptop’s battery. You can handle the network settings by selecting the one you need at the moment and disable the one you don’t need at that moment.

5. Get rid of Unwanted Peripheral Devices

Aside the network connections, you can also observe closely the peripheral devices that are attached to your device. For instance, if your laptop is attached to many devices at the same time, then it can drain your laptop battery life. Without wasting time,  engage in disconnection process, especially the USB drive, wireless mouse, CD/DVD just to mention a few.

6. Make sure you End Unnecessary Programs from Running

There may be availability of unwanted and unnecessary programs and apps gradually running in the background, thereby reducing  the lifespan of your laptop. In order to carry out fixing process, try and and monitor the background apps very well and off the ones you don’t need or better still,  disable or uninstall such program.

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