Jiji Review

Jiji Nigeria Online Marketplace Review

Jiji is a Nigeria based classified website. Jiji is Nigeria’s foremost online marketplace that provides thousands of buyers and sellers with an avenue to meet and exchange goods and services.

Jiji.ng Online Market Place Review

Jiji Review


As a user in jiji you can buy can buy item from other users who post their products for sale on the website. With jiji you can only contact the seller of a product and schedule a date and time to meet. Upon meeting you access the product and pay the seller without interference of jiji.

You can as well post item for sale on the platform without any restriction or payment if you wish to sale any of your product. Jiji is another amazing place to market your psero affiliate link by posting psero product and uploading the image and when you get a call for the product, you just have to send the buyer your affiliate link to purchase the product and you get you commission upon successful purchase of the customer.

Over the years of jiji it has become the top market place to buy and sell online from other Nigerians.

Note that the items posted on jiji are not direct products of jiji but of other Nigerians who want to sell. Jiji is just a market place where buyers and sellers to for trading.


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