Apple iMac pro i3

Brand New Apple iMac All-in-One Pc Now on sell

Now available in little quantity. The seller of the item make 10,000. As you can see on the photo, this is a new apple iMac pro all in one PC. It coming at a very cheap price and the price is unbeatable because other shops are selling their for 280k but on psero, we are selling for 235k and the seller make 10k

Apple iMac All in One PC

Features to market this Apple iMac with is as follows

1. Amazing All in One PC: The PC is an all in one PC where there buyer just plug to power and start using. It doesn’t required CPU or anything

Apple iMac pro core i3 all in one

2. The shape: The PC is very slim with blade edge. Very beautiful when put in office. It’s such a PC that everyone that see must admire it.

iMac pro ultra slim pc

3. Features: Above all computer and laptops, apple is the best and must features equipped. There are so many features such as eye detection, Bluetooth, WiFi, memory slot and lot more. It features are amazing, you just keep discovering everyday. It has 500hdd, 4gb ram, core i3 and a super fast processor.

Apple iMac pro i3

4. Brand New: It a brand new, it comes with all it accessories and carton. No need of start looking for this to buy, it comes with all accessories you will need. All that is required is plug to power and enjoy your new amazing apple iMac computer. Charger, keyboard, mouse etc are all included.

iMac pro ultra slim

5 Free Gifts: The buyer of this item will get an amazing from free gift from msero computers. Some of the gifts

  1. 16gb Flash Drive
  2. Free keypad light
  3. Free apple usage guide DVD from Msero
  4. N2,000 off coupon of your next shopping on or

To start selling this product, go to Product page on the shop here and copy the link. Then go to your affiliate dashboard and click on marketing >>> referral link >>> generate link at the bottom of the page and put the product link you copy and hit the generate link. When it successfully generated then give your buyer the link to use visit the product with. Once the order is completed, you will receive a notification of 10,000 naira. Very easy to make cool 10k.

Note that the best seller of the week get a free laptop. Start your marketing now and good luck to you guys.