Find Out If Your Laptop Ram Or Hard Disk can be Upgraded

This has been one of the most ask question for sometimes now. The truth is that buying a laptop not everyone is considered as a guru. Most people just need a laptop that will handle their laptop need for the time and most times don’t seem to care about the configuration or so. When i mean configuration it could as well be mentioned as the specs which means specifications.

Things that can be upgraded in a laptop are Ram, Hard-drive, and sometimes processor which is not common. So if you are interested in upgrading any of the following in your laptop let’s get you through what you need to know.

What is Ram?

Before we brings you Wikipedia explanation on ram, note that without ram your computer laptop will not on. Ram is a support to laptop speed but not the primary means of speed in a laptop or other computer. Here comes the meaning of ram and I duty in a laptop by WikipediaRandom-access memory is a form of computer memory that can be read and changed in any order, typically used to store working data and machine code. A random-access memory device allows data items to be read or written in almost the same amount of time irrespective of the physical location of data inside the memory.”

Now the question is can my laptop ram be upgraded? The answer to is depends on the laptop you are using and to what amount of ram you are looking to upgrade to. Ram can affect your laptop and cause critical problem if you upgrade to amount of ram and that is higher than the laptop. Please while upgrading keep this is mind. If you are using mini laptop best amount of ram for your laptop is 2GB ram. Most mini laptops ram used to come in 1GB however the best to ever consider upgrading to is 2GB.

Core 2 duo ram upgrade

If you are using core 2duo laptop which is also known as dual-core, you should only consider upgrading to 2GB or 3GB ram that is if your laptop is using lower amount of ram.

Core i5 and i7 ram upgrade

For those of you using core i5 to i7 laptops, you have higher chances of good upgrade of your ram. You can run good and high upgrade on your laptop if you wants to however there’s a limit to how many GB amount of ram every laptop can take. The one you particular i5 can take depends on your laptop model and generation but a core i5-i7 with 8GB ram is perfect. If your laptop of i5 uses lower than 8GB and you aren’t comfortable with the speed you may consider upgrading ram to 8GB. It’s so possible for every i5 laptop be old model or new to handle this amount of ram. 4GB – 8GB ram in i5 or i7 laptop is very ok but if you seem not to be Ok you fan go higher such as 16GB and so on, but most times that aren’t necessarily needed.

Ram supports processor to bring out good speed but also know that ram can cause hanging in a laptop. Bad ram or too much amount of ram can cause hanging and display issues. Before proceeding to the next, we will also want you to have the knowledge that most laptops have two ram slots which if put 2GB 2GB it makes the total 4 and if put 4GB 4GB it makes the total 8GB, so on. Below is a photo of how it’s.

How to upgrade your laptop ram

Upgrading means you have to buy a higher amount of ram and change it with the already installed ram. It’s recommendable to have professional engineer handle your laptop ram Upgrade to avoid damages and critical problem. If you are the type that likes to get their hands dirty and self trying someone, you can handle it if you are able to find the location of your laptop ram port. Note that in most Laptops, you would likely find the ram position at the back. Also know that different laptops with their different building strategy and design so we advice allowing professionals handle your laptop Upgrade perfectly. Note that when the location of the ram is seen, there’s usually two compatible pin holding the ram from both side that needed to be pull aside to be able to release the the ram.

Upgrading a laptop ram doesn’t take much time, approximately 5 minutes and it’s done. it just removing and inserting the new ram, that all. Sometimes the laptop won’t display after installation of the new ram, this could be due to Incompatibility or maybe one of the newly installed ram is bad. There may also be a display problem after installation if the amount of newly installed ram is too high for your laptop. All you or your engineer needs to do is try another ram or insert back the previous ram to have your display back.

Where to buy ram in Nigeria and it cost

There are many places out there you can buy computer ram and hard drive in Nigeria. You can also buy from P-Sero Nigeria and have it installed by us too. We are the largest laptop dealer in Nigeria, you can buy laptop ram from us at affordable price and have it installed by our engineer at affordable fee also. If you bought your laptop from us you will get 20% ram discount with a free instation, this package is for those who bought their laptop from us. Receipt of purchase may be required for confirmation. To find out how much is ram in Nigeria give us a call or chat on WhatsApp with 08105975788.

What is Hard Disk Drive

Hard disk/hard drive is the storage of your laptop computer. The space which you save files, documents, videos, softwares images and all is called the hard drive which some people may also refer to as hard disk. According to Wikipedia hard disk drive (HDD), hard disk, hard drive, or fixed disk is an electro-mechanical data storage device that uses magnetic storage to store and retrieve digital data using one or more rigid rapidly rotating platters coated with magnetic material.

All laptop’s hard drive can be upgraded. If you uses core 2 duo laptop, you have good chances of upgrading your laptop hard drive to 500hdd – 750hdd or 128ssd to 258ssd. It also depends on the laptop model and year of manufacture. Some laptops uses SSD hard drives, ssd hard drive is smaller compare to the HDD. SSD hard drive also compresses files and load faster in usage. Any of this hard drives can be purchased at the market and also from us. Yo find out the hard drive your laptop uses need an expert check on the laptop, it can also be seen from the system property area. An ssd hard drive used to costlier than other hard drive. Most latest slim latest uses ssd hard drive. Before you go when ever you think of getting a UK used laptops that can serve you well, the best place to get it is Sero Tech (P-Sero). Quality and affordability is our focus.