Foreign Used Laptops Wholesalers & Warehouse in Nigeria

Are you a laptop reseller or planing to start laptop businees in Nigeria and looking for a good place to buy foreign used Laptops at a cheap wholesale price? On this article we are going to cover where wholesalers of UK used laptops are located in Nigeria.

To begin with, what is your expectation in getting used laptops? For sell or buying for personal use? Some companies wants to purchase laptop in large quantity for their staffs. For any of this use, if you are in search for UK used or America used laptops dealers in Nigeria, it can be acquired with the help of this post.

Some people maybe looking for where to buy not tested laptops for even cheaper price. This is a big risk and we won’t recommend anyone one or business owners to go for that. As a company or business owner buying untested laptops could be a big lost to you if care isn’t taken. It advisable to get something worth the money and then have it serve or give you your expectations.

Let’s get into it. Know that because a laptop is a foreign used doesn’t make it very cheap or except you want some abandoned scraps. Also know that all UK used laptops are not within same price. as a matter of fact some UK laptops are over 100k per one, it depends on the laptop, config and neatness.

Where to buy laptops at Wholesale price Nigeria

as mentioned above there are many places to buy used laptops at wholesale price in Nigeria. see below

Ladipo Market

Have you heard of Ladipo market? There are importers of foreign used laptop there. You can visit them when ever a container drop.

Advice: When buying from Ladipo market, you have to be very smart inclusive with good care and maintain good risk management by testing the items properly before buying. There’s no warranty covered by large importers at Ladipo market and the worst is that there’s no means of proper testing of the laptops you want to buy due to the unconducive environment.

Computer Village

Computer Village is another good place to get laptop at large quantity. There are many laptop dealers at computer Village selling used laptops. The only thing you may notice is unfriendly price as most of them sell at retail price even to those who wants to resell.

P-Sero Nigeria

We are P-Sero Nigeria and we are one of the largest laptop dealer in Nigeria with over 3 million patronized customers serving over 230 retailers at Wholesale price Nationwide. We have the most reliable laptops and we cover both end users and retailers with good amount of warranty period. All our laptops are well tested and trusted. Our retailers also have the benefits as listed below.

Our retailers benefits

  • Long time duration warranty
  • Good customer service and regular Check-up
  • Free training on how to sell faster
  • We will Develop a website for company (little fee)
  • We will help you register your business name with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC )
  • Free training on how to get your business and company on google to make more sales
  • Secret of how we grow our business
  • How to run advert on social medias that will be getting you regular sales
  • Training on how to solve all minor issues with laptops
  • Free license softwares to start your business with
  • Free flash drive to save all your business tools
  • Secrets of how to over take your competitors within your location and nationally
  • Chance to win our importing toy ticket that will show you to foreign dealers where we buy from abroad.

We believe in win-win. We will support you to archive the top position. With all we have to offer you as a retailer even if you know nothing about laptop business, you will become a professional laptop business owner with us. As a retailer to get reach to us call us on +234 8105 975 788 or email us

We are on google and everywhere, we have also been featured by some Nigeria blog such as InformationHood with head office in Lagos Nigeria.

If you can to do business with us, we are all hand opened to welcome you. Become our new retailer today and get guaranteed of success in this business.

This are the places you can get used laptops at wholesale price in Nigeria.