How to increase battery life of HP laptop

Battery play a prominent role in every laptops. Meanwhile, a laptop without a good battery is like a car without a quality engine. The truth is that,  many of us fail to put into practice, the successful tips that can increase the battery life of laptop.

We always feel that we know it all,  thereby reducing the  lifespan of our laptops battery unknowingly.

Permit me to ask the following questions.

1. Do you have any HP laptop?

3. Do you have any issues with the battery?

4. How many hours can your battery stay without plugging to a socket?

2. Do you wish to increase the battery life of the HP laptop

If yes is your answer to all the above questions  above, then I say congratulations to you. You’re on the right track. You’re on the right page. Just sit and relax as we unravel the secret.

How to increase the battery life of your HP laptop in a twinkle of an eye.

1. Turn the laptop brightness down

Dim your screen or turn the laptop brightness down is the first way to increase the battery life of your HP laptop. No wonder people tag the screen as consuming power. Sometimes, people regarded the screen as the monster that eat gradually the life of your laptop. If you’re unable to control the screen, it may likely cause a great havoc wreck to your laptop battery.

2. Make some changes in the power settings

The truth is that HP laptops, regardless the model usually boast of  strong power options. Sometimes the screen give an overwhelming experience while working.

To insert some changes,  enter ‘power features’ into the begin Search column and select ‘Power saver’ from the options.

3. Make sure Wi-Fi your Wi-Fi is off

Do you know that the wireless networking options in your device is like a monster that suck the energy and strength of your battery life, especially when the Wi-Fi fail to recognize network and in the process of searching for network, your battery is the one that will surfer the pains.

Are you working on your device and you’re unable to find a wireless network? It shows that wireless network is far away from you,  so it is better to shut the wireless adaptor

4. Make sure they peripherals is turned off

Consistent utilizing of USB peripherals can also affect the battery lifespan of your HP laptop, so trying to detach the peripherals is always advisable. Try and remove your devices once you finish copy the documents that you need.

In-built webcam can be turn off easily. HP devices boast of features that can handle that easily. We still have other peripherals that need need to be turned off, just make you leave no stone unturned.

5.  Make sure your disc drives is ejected

In order to increase the battery lifespan of your HP, you also need to eject your disc drives at all times, so as to avoid disc spinning that can consume the lifespan your device. It is advisable to eject your discs before moving to battery power to receive additional strength.

6. Do you invest in some hardware?

Investing in hardware can really go a long way to increase your battery lifespan, but if you desire to work on your system for whole day, then you definitely need an assistance. 

The truth is that most HP laptops boast of a six-cell battery, but many some of the brands also provide an opportunity for eight- or even 12-cell additional upgrades, which increase the power of your device. 

Now, permit me to ask the following questions.

1. Do you value portable laptop battery chargers?

2. Do you know that is the alternative to costly HP batteries?

3. Do you know that your HP receive additional hours?

4. Do you know that your HP device boast of compact battery units with adapters?

4. Do you know that the compact battery units with adapters  can increase the charging of your HP?

In order to provide answers to the above questions easily, kindly browse online to discover the suitable and quality portable HP battery chargers that can keep your device fit at all times.

You can only enjoy your HP laptop once you’re able to increase the lifespan of the battery. A bad battery will always slow down your work because the next available socket to charge, will always be on your mind.

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