See the Best Laptop for School Project Writing

Is your school project fast approaching and you are so much in need of laptop for it? On this post we want to quickly drop details of the kind of laptop you need and the specifications you should be looking out. As the leading laptop dealer in Nigeria we have faced this question severally from our customer’s and we have concluded to educate the general public about it.

Today in Nigeria schools project writing has improved a lot having every need for thorough research. Every student at a certain stage of one University level gets to write their project and it’s highly recommended for every student to have a laptop. Since there are several kind of laptops and their configuration which could also affect the prices it brings most student to the question of what laptop is best for school project writing? Below is the answer.

We all know there’s almost to none support from the Government so as a student you plan well to avoid spending too much or using all your money for laptop, let’s help you plan this so you can get the very best laptop for your project and still save lot of cash for other things.

Things we will also consider as we plan this with you are

  • You need a laptop to do your project
  • You will also need this laptop for online browsing and research for other purpose
  • You may likely watch movies with your laptop when less busy.
  • You may also want to play some basic games with your laptop
  • You may likely to use your laptop for online training.
  • You may also do graphics design/work with your laptop
  • You may want to do video call with your laptop
  • You may want good battery for your laptop due to electricity problem
  • You need fast laptop and smart Processor
  • And some other basic use.

Now let’s get it on, a good laptop that will serve you must not be that of a fancy good looking one. What you need is what is inside and not basically the fanciness. Below are what you should look at for

The Best Laptop for School Project Writing

  1. Processor speed: 2.0GHz minimum
  2. Core 2 duo processor minimum
  3. 2GB ram minimum
  4. 160GB hard drive minimum
  5. Webcam
  6. CD/DVD Rom
  7. 2hours battery backup minimum

Processor speed is determine how fast your laptop will be, this alone isn’t a enough to get speed on your laptop but it will be better to have high processor speed. There are Processor speed from 1.7GHz to 3GHz and more. having 2GHz to 2.4GHz is perfect for a core 2 duo laptop, higher Processor speed isn’t bad either.

Get a core 2 duo laptop minimum, some people likely call it dual care laptop. There are over 4 types of processors which are known as Pentium, core 2 duo, core i3, core i5 and core i7. This are the most known and common laptop Processors this also determine the capability of the laptop for higher job and great performance. The higher the Processors the better the performance however it depends on the job which the laptop will be used for. So many people make this mistakes by going ror higher processor spending unnecessary money whereas their job could be done by lower processor type. All of the laptops Processors from core 2 duo to core i7 will handle 90% of laptop uses. This is to say as a basic laptop user any of this laptop Processors is great to for you. For project writing core 2 duo laptop is what you need except if you have a mindset of learning programming or high graphics design or probably animation etc. Know that core 2 duo laptop can do basic programing, web development and graphics design but if you wants to go deep you need core i5 or i7.

Get 2GB ram laptop minimum foe project work. Ram is a source of laptop display and contribute to speed by 20%. The higher your laptop the faster the laptop will be. Note that laptop is Upgradable and be upgraded to your choice of speed. A core 2 duo laptop is advisable to be upgraded to maximum 4gb to avoid causing VGA problem in the future. Take note that 2gb ram is capable to handle project Writing and do so many other activities very well and perfect.

Get 160gb hard-drive laptop minimum. Hard drive is a space where you are going to save your files and documents including video and all. Everything that you going to install or put to the laptop stays at the hard drive which is also known as hard disk. There are two major well known hard drive in today’s i-t world which is HDD and SSD, take not that there are others but this are the most known and most used and most common in Nigeria and many countries. 160hdd is okay for basic laptop user but if you know you will be having much files and documents including lots of movies and music you can consider going for higher space. Also remember that you can upgrade your laptop hard drive later to have higher space later, all you needed to do js buy higher hard drive and then install it on your laptop.

Laptop with webcam – this is not too important but if you plan offering tutorial online to people or wants video call on your laptop you may just get the one with webcam. Phone has taken over this part and today’s world no one consider webcam important as phone handles that better.

It will be nice to get a laptop with CD/DVD due to some reasons, such as movies, installation of Softwares from disk plate and many more. If you are the type that love slim laptop without cd/dvd rom you can get external cd/dvd rom for 5k.

Get a UK used laptop to save lot of cash. Uk used laptop will save you a whole lots of cash and going to serve you very well. You can save over 70k buying a UK used laptop that will serve you very well. We have top quality UK used laptops that will serve you very well. Go on our page and make your choice, our prices are very affordable and all our laptops have assurance of good performance with warranty. You can call us on 08105975788.

Brand of laptops to buy for project writing

All brands are okay but you should put maintenance to consideration. Some laptops parts can be seen here in Nigeria but may be very expensive while some parts can’t be gotten easily. Brands such as hp, dell, Lenovo can be good option for anyone who wants to enjoy easy laptop maintenance. Apple is great but you must be financially balance to maintain it.